AC Service Dubai Provide Following AC Services

AC Repair Dubai

AC Service Dubai is one of the Dubai’s premier providers of air conditioning repair and maintenance services.

Our customers range from those in the non-profit and public sectors to SMEs and large private sector organisations. We provide advice and guidance on every aspect of your AC Repair in Dubai from initial equipment selection, supply and on-site installation, right through to the whole-life maintenance of the system as well as any upgrades or AC repairs which may become necessary in the future.

AC Maintenance Dubai

In your demand of AC maintenance in dubai, we are the best service provider with a team of professionals and experts who have work experience in dubai and have a knowhow of almost all the major & minor overhaul of your AC unit. We provide repairs, maintenance and gas top up services for all major brands and types of AC units,

AC Installation Dubai

AC Services Dubai has been providing air conditioning installation services since a decade. We provide the best services including

  • Split AC Conditioner Installation
  • Package Air Conditioner Installation
  • Central Split Air Conditioner Installation
  • Ducted Split Air Conditioner Installation

Brands Offered by AC Service Dubai

We offer all the major brands of air conditioner AC collectionequipment. These include products from companies such as LG, Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Toshiba, Hitachi, York and Foster. AC units are also available from the most reputed companies in the AC industry. All of our equipment comes manufacture guarantee and the installation also comes with our guarantee.

Our engineers work hard to design air conditioning solutions which provide efficiency as well as give optimum performance at an affordable cost. We also ensure our design is future-proofed as much as possible so that environmental impact is limited.

Where We Done Work

Refrigeration & beverages storage
Computer room AC
Heating and cooling factories

Office AC increasing comfort in workplace
Server room AC for the finest performance
Airport and other public transport sites

Industrial sites
Retail outlets and shopping climate control

Free Site Survey

We conduct a free air conditioning installation site survey for our customers in Dubai. We will send in our engineer to discuss suitable air conditioning options. This is a great way to involve customers and ensure recommendations are given through a mutual discussion. We have observed in our long experience in the industry that clients prefer this method and this also helps us to respond to your queries quickly.