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Dubai’s Leading Air Conditioner Service Providers

AC Service Dubai is the company which assist you to remain  cool in the hot and sticky weather of Dubai. Whenever you need an assistance regarding your air conditioners problems, our qualified ac repair professionals are always there to provide you the best ac repair service and maintenance.

We are just one phone call away or you can also send us a whatsapp message to get your AC serviced in just few hours.

AC service Dubai will be more than happy to provide you the most efficient, quick and prominent ac service at your door step.

Our AC Service includes the supply of new AC installations,  equipment upgrades and replacements, planned maintenance contracts, fault diagnostics and AC repairs.

There are many companies in Dubai which provides AC services but AC service Dubai is the best air conditioner services provider to provide all repair and maintenance services at earliest.

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Best Air Conditioner Services Provider

AC Service Dubai is one of the best Air Conditioner services provider in Dubai which provides air conditioning services. Our valued customers range from those  public to commercial  sectors in Dubai and whole UAE. We knows better than any other company operating in Dubai that how to get your AC Service in Dubai.We  supply AC equipment  and on-site installation on customer’s demand. In order to become the best air conditioner services Dubai, ac services Dubai provides the range of services for all types of air conditioners available in Dubai.

AC Service Dubai is passionate about providing AC service to our customers in Dubai. All of our staff is fully qualified and trained to provide the AC Service.

That’s why we deliver significant energy savings while reducing the carbon footprint and providing building occupants with a comfortable but cool environment. Our whole Dubai coverage and technical expertise means our valued customers enjoy the cheapest and friendly air conditioning service as per their expectation. Hence we are the best air conditioner services provider in Dubai.

Avoid AC Breakdown

Avoiding AC breakdowns is a major priority for everyone in Dubai. The regular but planned maintenance is essential to ensure efficient, trouble free running of any AC system.

A quick approach to maintenance, such as repairing the AC system only when breakdowns occur, significantly increases the performance. A planned AC maintenance contract from AC SERVICE DUBAI offers a range of benefits because it is the best air conditioner services provider in Dubai.

  • All work is carried out by our qualified AC Service Dubai Technicians.
  • We will schedule and will agreed the maintenance visit with you in advance. You may always change the time of visit as per your availability.
  • We save your money by only carrying out the maintenance when necessary,  and it depends upon your environmental and cooling requirements.
  • You can choose the range of  our maintenance AC service Dubai plans, including Pay-As-You-Go or Term Contracts to suit your circumstances.
  • After every visit AC Service Dubai will provide a quotation and after your approval, AC service Dubai will carryout the work.

Fast & Efficient AC Fault Finding

Fault finding requires familiarity and experience with the equipment in question. AC Service Dubai team of engineers is highly qualified and experienced enough to establish a systematic and professional approach to the assessment of all kinds of air conditioner faults which makes us the best air conditioner services provider in Dubai.

To identify the root-cause AC Service Dubai  repair engineers make use of their experience to be able to draw conclusions to identify the most likely problems associated with temperature readings, pressure levels and other such factors. Our engineers solely do not rely on the hit and miss approach which sometimes leads to misdiagnosis of the AC problems.

We Service All Types of Equipment

  • Air conditioning condensers
  • A/C or heat pump compressors
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Problems with piping, coils
  • Control panels
ac services dubai

AC Maintenance Services

As the regular maintenance of our cooling systems is an efficient step to ensure the working and long life of our air conditioner systems.

A regular AC maintenance reduces the chances of a break down and helps keep your system running at its peak efficiency. We provide professional AC maintenance services in Dubai.

In order to maximize the life and efficiency of AC system our expert team provides all kinds of AC repair & maintenance services timely.

Our main goal is to minimize the interruptions in the AC systems which requires servicing via proactive maintenance approach.  We always follows the AC manufacturer’s procedure to service AC systems. We provide more featured Services

AC Service Dubai is a sister company of DreamCool Air Condition systems LLC which is the best company for AC Repair Dubai .

Why AC Service Dubai

Quick Quotations

AC Service Dubai provide full but comprehensive quotations that include every aspect of the installation.

Site Surveys

AC Service Dubai's highly qualified technicians will come out to your location and will provide a free site survey to examine your air conditioning needs, with no obligation to buy.

Qualified Engineers and Technicians

All of our AC Services in Dubai are completed by our team of friendly and fully qualified engineers and technicians.

Why Choose AC Service Dubai

We do all kinds of extensive repair and maintenance services of AC’s, no matter what the size of the AC unit, from ordinary window or split AC to to central ac and from chillers to an industrial AC unit we cover everything. We are therefore the best supplier for O General AC and not only this we also do supply all brands of AC units and installation services, so basically you will get all your AC related work done under one station.
We are devoted to our work and will keep raising the graph high to give the prominent services to non- commercial clients and that is why we have a big list of our residential clients who always recommend our services in the need of any AC service or repairs.

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Take a look at our quality features

  • Emergency AC Repairing
  • Fan Motor Repairing
  • Thermostat Repairing
  • Complete AC Cleaning
  • Coil Cleaning
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Electrical Repairs
  • AC Installation
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Fit out services
  • Compressor Replacement
  • Motor Replacement
  • AC Servicing
  • Gas Top Up
  • AC Maintenance